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 About Us  

 Born on 7th March'11, We are a team of approx 10 developers, designers, Marketing & Finance  professional, problem solvers and critics, working around the clock to make the most powerful  Travel Site in the World –

 Our Thoughts & Reach  

 We are trying to make ticketing more simpler than ever with Transparency, Efficiency, Innovation  & Service.We are growing from Ground Zero and started with 150 valuable customers in the  initial month and we are growing...Just to reach you.

 Our Offers  

 We offer solutions to all your travel needs. Whether you want to travel on Bus or Book a  International Hotel or go for a weekend, We offer you the best service to your Travel. We started  with 18 bus  operators and are at present integrated with 700+ operators in India, Enabling bus  ticketing for 20000+ buses  Every day.

 Our Innovations  

 Green Ticket
 Single Page Booking
 Bus ticket in 30 seconds


 are Team Slimtrip.com